MAPS (Modesto Area Partners in Science)

MAPS presents free, informative and engaging community science programs.

Spring 2018 Schedule – Schedule-Spring2018

7:30 pm, MJC West Campus Sierra Hall 132*

Jan. 26 – Dr. Ari Martinez, National Geographic Explorer. “Fear and food in the Amazon: understanding how and why birds eavesdrop on each other in the rainforest.” (FLEX 6004)


Ari will discuss how neo-tropical birds communicate across species and the information gained about food and predators

Feb. 23 – Dr. M Jackson, National Geographic Explorer and TEDx speaker. “The Secret Lives of Icelandic Glaciers.” (FLEX 6005)


M has spent years researching glaciers and climate change. In The Secret Lives of Icelandic Glaciers, she effectively explains what glaciers are, why they matter to people and landscape, and how understanding the individuality and interconnections of people and ice is critical to engaging with climate change today.

March 16 – Dr. Lori Silverstein. “Is My Pill a Drug?” (FLEX TBD)


The regulation of the pharma industry by the FDA and how the FDA ensures efficacy in a world of counterfeits and inferior foreign manufactured products.

*April 6 – MJC East Campus Auditorium, A Family Science (all ages) Presentation, TED speaker.

Dr. Puragra (Raja) GuhaThakurta, UCSC and Lick Observatory. “Our Place in the Cosmos” (FLEX 6003)


Raja will use the latest astronomical images, animations, videos to illustrate how the very material that human beings and other life forms are made of was once synthesized inside the Sun’s ancestral stars.

MAPS is grateful to ASMJC, the MJC Foundation, SCOE, MJC, the MTA (Modesto Techers Association), and the GVM for generous support.

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