MAPS (Modesto Area Partners in Science)

MAPS presents free, informative and engaging community science programs.

Fall 2017 Schedule – Schedule-Fall2017

7:30 pm, MJC West Campus Sierra Hall 132*

Sept. 29 – David Sheaffer, UCD: “Improving Damaged Hearing: Cochlear Implants” (FLEX 5111)


A cochlear (koe-klee-er) implant is a device that provides direct electrical stimulation to the hearing nerve in the inner ear. Children and adults with moderate to profound hearing loss who cannot be helped with hearing aids may be helped with cochlear implants. With this type of hearing loss, there is damage to tiny hair cells in the part of the inner ear called the cochlea. Because of this damage, sound cannot reach the auditory nerve. With a cochlear implant, the damaged hair cells are bypassed, and the auditory nerve is stimulated directly. The cochlear implant does not result in “restored” or “cured” hearing. It does, however, allow for the perception of the sensation of sound.

Oct. 27 – John Buckley, CSERC: “Forest Health and Fire Resiliency in a Changing Climate” (FLEX 5112)


What effect does a warming climate have on the capability of Sierra Nevada forests to be resilient to wildfires?  To what degree has the combination of recent drought and insects altered forest conditions?  Is there any clear trend in wildfire impacts in the Sierra Nevada?  Will forest management choices made in the near term potentially affect forests, wildlife, recreation, and forest watersheds for decades into the future?

*Nov. 3 – MJC East Campus Auditorium, a Family Science (all ages) Presentation.  Tierney Thys, National Geographic Explorer and TED speaker: “Ocean Engine of Life” (FLEX 5113)


Get ready to jump off the land and into the water for a wild ride around the entire world ocean. As we encounter places of destruction and desolation, hope and salvation, we’ll learn of the ocean’s immense importance to all life, how it has influenced human evolution and world history.  Discover state-of-the-art research (including the ocean sunfish of course!) aimed at ensuring a healthy ocean and planet for generations to come. Come dive in!

Tierney will conduct a free marine biology workshop for teachers on 11/4 am.  Visit for more info.

Dec. 1 – Garry Hayes, MJC Geology Professor: “The Earth Has a History: Rates of Geologic Change and Global Warming” (FLEX 5114) 


One of the most important clues in understanding today’s climate is the Earth’s past history. This presentation will provide a perspective on how rapidly the Earth’s climate has changed over the last 65 million years compared to the changes happening today.  The discussion will also include a look at some of the methods geologists use to document the past.

MAPS is grateful to SCOE, ASMJC and the MJC Foundation for generous support.

4/6/18 Spring Family Science Preview, Raja GuhaThakurta, UCSC: “Our Place in the Cosmos” (FLEX 6003)

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